To describe the radar simulator ROSE in a few words:
Customizable, intuitive, high performance, scalable.

ROSE offers the possibility to generate or import
new traffic scenarios and airspace data within a short time.

The simulator is already used for example

  • in complex networked simulations
  • as a demonstration tool to teach students
    on independent working stations in basic ATC radar skills
  • as a procedure planning tool

The innovative ROSE user interface was developed
in close collaboration with active controllers
– this is why it is an appreciated tool for trainers and operators.

Debriefing, developing and testing have never been that simple.

Highly realistic aircraft performance, label input possibilities,
4D trajectory, 3D airspace modelling and a flexible role concept
prove that ROSE simulation is state-of-the-art technology.

Facts and Figures

Built-in editors

  • Airspace modification (including import options)
  • Exercise editor for traffic preparation
  • Event & timeline input for exercises

Aircraft types

  • 350+ different types
  • updated regularly along customer’s requirements
  • individual realistic performance for each type

System requirements: Windows (XP or newer)

Flexible role concept

  • PILOT interface
  • ATCO interface
  • SUPERVISOR positions (for exercise hosting)
  • 33 computers can be connected


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • ELITE Flight Simulator
  • SkySoft-ATM systems (via AFTN, OLDI messaging)

Just to mention

  • Debriefing & Saving:
    All exercises can be recorded automatically, e.g for exams.
  • ROSE Autopilot enables to test (or even simulate)
    without the need for simulator pilots.