IRIS is an independent communication system, which can be used
in various contexts. The smart solution works with VoIP technology.

To set up IRIS you don’t need any specific soft- or hardware.
Just plug in a headset, start the program and connect
to other computers via the network.

Freely define various frequencies and telephone roles.
Choose roles and frequencies for every station flexibly and easily.

Radio Com: Lock different frequencies (either „Talk&Listen“
or just „Listen“) and communicate with anyone
on those frequencies via push-to-talk.

Telephone: Call every single station that is connected via the network and communicate on  permanent duplex lines.

The multiple role concept allows a single use to act in different selectable roles,
e.g. as supervisor, fire brigade and airport authority from one single position.

IRIS can be used in combination with ROSE and/or AMOS.
IRIS also works as a communication system..

  • for any other application
  • or even stand-alone.

Facts and Figures

Adjustable transmission quality

  • bit rate
  • sample rate

Depending on the network bandwidth this might be a helpful option.


Define up to 16 different frequencies and lock any of them separately on each station.

Telephone positions

  • Set up 36 different roles – each working position
    may select multiple roles simultaneously.
  • Choose your active role with a single mouse click.

IRIS offers a unique „Talk to All“ functionality, which enables communication on a meta level (e.g. supervisor…).